Benefits for the NFP Sector

Why join WIG as a charitable organisation?

Enable your organisation to learn, connect and collaborate across sectors – by becoming a WIG member.

Enable your organisation to learn, connect and collaborate across sectors – by becoming a WIG member

As a charity or not-for-profit, you play a vital role in tackling the pressing issues we face as a society – but, in common with other organisations, you face complex day-to-day challenges which can be difficult to solve on your own.

Becoming a WIG member gives you a chance to collaborate on both kinds of challenges – alongside members from other sectors, across public, private and academic spheres. This helps you to demonstrate the innovative work you do, showcase your culture as a not-for-profit organisation, and to learn from the diverse experiences of others.

Benefits of joining WIG

Raise your organisation’s profile – showcasing the practical work you’re doing on the ground, and help to inform both the public and private sectors.

At the same time, drive efficiencies and improve decision-making by learning how things are done outside your sector.

Keep on top of the latest policy trends and hot topics – by attending briefings from senior leaders across the public and private sectors.

Build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with people in the public sector – including at the most senior level. The connections you make will help you understand how the civil service works.

Your contribution to discussions means you can support joined-up policy making – helping public bodies to understand the view from your sector at an early stage and throughout the policy making process.

WIG can support you to find high-calibre talent. We offer discounts on a range of services to help you do this – for example, by bringing in skills through secondments from the civil service, or recruiting Trustees.

By building links with the other sectors, you can contribute to a ‘whole systems’ approach to tackling the challenges we face as a society.

Charity members of WIG

Our Charity members include working in fields such as conservation, child protection, health care, employment, housing, skills and inequality.

We also work with hundreds of charities through Charity Next, our cross-sector collaboration scheme – which organises secondments from the civil service to the charity sector.

Become a WIG member

How can your not-for-profit organisation benefit from joining WIG? Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

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