Benefits for Universities/Institutions

Why join WIG as a University/Institution?

Enable your organisation to learn, connect and collaborate across sectors – by becoming a member of WIG.

As a higher education organisation/ research institution, you thrive on collaboration not only within the academic community, but outside of it. The better you work across sectors, the easier it becomes to conduct research, to develop practical innovations, and to provide valuable teaching and ultimately, to have an impact.

Joining WIG gives you that chance to collaborate. Your fellow WIG members will include FTSE-350 companies, central and local government, public sector bodies, and not-for-profits. This will help you to build connections with a wide range of organisations – for the benefit of all.

Benefits of joining WIG

Our briefings, webinars and roundtables give you a chance to raise the profile of your work – showcasing your knowledge, research and expertise.

By contributing to discussions, you can help policy makers to understand the higher education sector’s perspective, at an early stage.

Our events and topical briefings attract senior speakers from the civil service, such as Permanent Secretaries and Director Generals. This helps you to stay up to date on the most pertinent issues affecting your institution.

Membership gives you the chance to make links with both the public and private sectors – at multiple levels, including the most senior.

This helps you not only to contribute to discussions, but to collaborate on common challenges in a trusted environment and learn how other sectors work.

By building these links, you contribute to a ‘whole systems’ approach to the challenges we face as a society.

As an active WIG member, you can develop your people’s careers – via additional services such as cross-sector leadership programmes. This can help you to grow technical specialists into leaders – to help solve the challenges of the future.

Our university/institution members

We have a growing list of members in higher education – including some of the most prestigious and largest universities and institutions within the UK.

Our members include eight out of the 24 Russell Group universities, and 10 of the top 50 universities in the UK. Together, they serve about 436,000 students across a diverse range of subjects – helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Become a WIG member

How can your organisation benefit from joining WIG? Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

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