Bespoke Leadership Programmes

Maximise the human potential of your organisation with tailored programmes for leaders at every stage of their development

At the heart of our approach to designing and delivering bespoke programmes lies our unique focus on integration and collaboration.  This is achieved through cross-sector peer learning and leadership development that brings diversity of ideas and encourages curiosity, openness and innovation.

We work closely with you to explore and understand your leadership development needs for specific groups within your organisation. Together we co-create experiential and practical programmes using our tried and tested methodology. We ensure the experiences we create together will deliver your desired learning outcomes and enable the leaders to expand their horizons and fulfil their potential

We bring together expert facilitators, organisational hosts and speakers to explore leadership themes  and practical learning, using diverse perspectives to bring fresh insight to shared  leadership challenges.  We work with each programme cohort to draw on their own experiences and provide tools and strategies for continuous development.

Bespoke training complements our wider leadership development and offers organisations a tailored solution alongside the benefit of our support networks.

How your organisation will benefit

Our bespoke programmes are tailored to the needs of your leaders within your own organisational context and within a wider global context. This means that we can support you to tackle specific leadership challenges and work with you to develop long-term programmes aligned to your organisational strategy.

They offer a highly effective solution for your organisation when you want to develop a range of individuals with similar needs through the shared experience of a high impact bespoke WIG programme.

Each tailored programme still provides WIG’s unique cross-sector perspective, with opportunities to include insights from other sectors and organisations through case studies, examples and tools that showcase innovative ways of working.

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Why choose WIG: our expertise

At WIG, we’ve been nurturing the potential of individuals and organisations through leadership development programmes, masterclasses and seminars for nearly 40 years.  We support leaders from their early career to senior roles, working with central government departments, arms-length bodies, local authorities, not-for-profit organisations and FTSE 350 companies.

Our unique cross-sector approach gives your organisation fresh insights and builds collaborative networks of inclusive support - giving people the practical skills and understanding to take the next step in their leadership journey.  That’s what makes WIG’s leadership development different – a focus on cross-sector peer learning brings diversity of ideas, encourages curiosity, openness and innovation that helps individuals and organisations to find inspiration and fresh ideas from others.

At the heart of all our programmes, WIG’s leadership development framework underpins our overall values and approach to leadership and learning.  Our fundamental aim is to encourage and enable  the mindsets, actions and behaviours that leaders need in order to successfully navigate the complexities of the 21st century leadership landscape.  All our programmes are delivered by leadership and sector experts and are tailored to meet your organisation’s development needs.

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Cross- Sector Leadership Programmes Brochure

How it works

Our expert programme team will focus on working closely with you to understand your organisation’s desired learning outcomes and the needs of the groups of executives and leaders involved. This allows us to ensure we co-create the best-fit bespoke programmes to meet these needs.  We draw upon our extensive tri-sector experience of working in this way with global organisations.  Our approach will be both challenging and supportive, always staying true to our purpose of connection and integration.

We will work with you through an iterative and creative process, to design and structure a high impact programme of development that best fits your needs.  Our leadership team works with some of the most experienced   facilitators, educators and practitioners to bring insight, develop knowledge and embed learning.

We can also integrate experiential organisational raids and virtual inquiry visits to the programme to support team and group development. These involve an on-site or virtual visit to a learn from another organisation. Our engagements also provide organisations with an ongoing network for life.

For public sector organisations, that are part of the Government Campus (previously Civil Service Learning), we can work with you through both KPMG and EY. For more on these options, contact your KPMG or EY account manager. More information here.

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