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We are a charity with a purpose 

At The Whitehall & Industry Group (WIG), we believe society works better when people in business, government and the not-for-profit sectors can learn from each other and collaborate, for the greater good. 

As an independent, non-lobbying charity, we make that happen. We encourage people across these sectors – and sometimes from different parts of the same sector – to come together and develop mutual co-operation, understanding and learning.

We've been devoted to cross-sector learning for nearly 40 years and are governed by our trustees, supported by our expert patrons, and run by a passionate team.   


‘If everyone is thinking alike then no one is thinking.’                    Benjamin Franklin

What we do

To help encourage open-minded conversations across sectors, we find creative ways to bring people together. These include: 

  • Our rich and busy events programme – which includes more than 130 briefings per year on key themes from senior thought leaders in all sectors. 
  • A suite of cross-sector leadership programmes for all career levels – which help leaders and future leaders to learn actively from peers across different sectors. 
  • Opportunities for people to experience life in another sector, via our services which include non-executive and trustee recruitmentsecondments and mentoring.
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Speak to our CEO

WIG Chief Executive, Simon Ancona, is able to provide expert commentary relating to our charitable purpose, such as the proven benefits of creating learning opportunities between the sectors; offering exposure to a wide range of external, and often expert, perspectives, on a shared problem; bringing together diversity of experience, background, thought and of course sector to improve solution finding and decision making. 

If you'd like to speak with Simon, please do get in touch with Sue Youngman using the details below. 


Media enquiries 

All media enquiries should be directed to Sue Youngman. 

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07768 283162