Civil Service Learning

Civil servants: you can sign up for our offerings using the guidelines below:

Leadership Programmes - our long-term programmes qualify under CSL and just need your organisation's normal internal process for budgetary approval. 

Development Seminars - CSL covers all of our one-day courses except for Know Your Strengths and The Mindful Advantage. However, these two courses can still be booked if you make a specific request to CSL through the Gateway Process.

Free WIG Events -  book directly on the WIG website as they are included member benefits for organisations - no need to go through CSL if your organisation is a member. Is your organisation a WIG member?

More information and how to book

Find out more info on the CSL portal (log in or register if you are a civil servant or your organisation has a contract with them e.g. some local authorities).

Book our programmes and events on our website or by email. Payments can be made via your normal internal procurement process (e.g. GPC card or Purchase Order). Please note: PO's should be raised against The Whitehall & Industry Group/WIG and NOT against Capita, KMPG or Korn Ferry Hay Group to avoid the need to re-issue them.

Note: We are on some of your internal systems in different ways e.g. The Whitehall & Industry Group, Whitehall & Industry Group, Whitehall Industry Group, Whitehall and Industry Group, The Whitehall and Industry Group or just WIG (or sometimes, incorrectly, as Westminster Industry Group or Whitehall In Government!).  If you have any trouble finding us on your system then get in touch with CSL or us directly.

Need help or advice then please e-mail [email protected].


After 16 years, our learning set still meets 4 to 5 times a year. The group has a professional and personal bond that reflects the ethos of the original programme - a senior support group where leadership challenges are explored and shared. Carol Tullo National Archives