Civil Service Learning

The Government Campus & Civil Service Learning

We’re an approved supplier for the Government Campus, previously Civil Service Learning (CSL). For public sector participants signed up to the Campus/CSL, all our leadership programmes and Masterclasses are bookable through the Government Campus.

As a civil servant or public sector employee who wants to develop your career, you want to be confident you’re choosing a high-quality programme of learning. Our cross-sector learning programmes and commissioned masterclasses give you that confidence – and you can sign up for them via the Government Campus.

In the first instance please get in touch to have a conversation with the Leadership team at WIG who will advise you as to what programme or masterclass is suitable for you. It is also worth giving us a call to discuss the booking and payment process. 

We’re one of the few options on Government Campus where you can learn alongside peers from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. This helps you to deliver better public services, building on perspectives you gain from outside the public sector.  

How to book:

To register your interest please get in touch with our leadership team. Once you receive written confirmation from us that you have been accepted: 

  • Request a booking form (an Excel spreadsheet from the campus) by contacting [email protected] or by logging in to your learning catalogue page
  • In the “Product Selection” Tab select our product from the dropdown. Narrow the options first by making selections from:
    • the ‘Subject Area’ (Leadership Development)
    • and ‘Subject Name’ dropdowns (Leading People Through Change).
  • There you will find our open leadership programmes to complete your form:

Product Name: Enhancing Your Leadership Presence F2F 
Product Name: Future Leaders Programme F2F 
Product Name: Senior Leaders programme F2F
Product Name: Step Up Step Across programme F2F 
Product Name: Women's Leadership programme F2F 

Government Campus' guidance on how to book and pay for 'Off-the-shelf (OTS) masterclasses using a booking request form:

  • Find a booking form by logging in to your learning catalogue page or by contacting [email protected]
    • Note: All masterclasses are available for group bookings. Submit a booking request for a group (closed) masterclass, and we can run it just for you and your staff 'in-house'.
  • In the “Product Selection” Tab select our product from the dropdown. Narrow the options first by making selections from:
    • the ‘Subject Area’ (Personal effectiveness)
    • and ‘Subject Name’ dropdowns:
      • Career development
      • Influencing skills
      • Leading Self and Person Effectiveness
      • Making an impact
      • or Negotiating skills 
  • There you will find our masterclasses to complete your form:

Career Development:
Taking Control of Your Career

Influencing skills:
The Secrets of Group Dynamics
Leading Through Uncertain Times
Leading with Confidence and Resilience

Leading Self and Personal Effectiveness:
Neuroscience of Leadership
Understanding Yourself
Drawing on my Resources
Managing Your Wellbeing
Being the Best Possible You
Making Your Mark
Navigating Through Your Landscape
Liberating Yourself to Get the Career You Deserve

Making an impact:
Enhancing Personal Impact and Presence
Powerful Persuasive Presenting
Tell it Like Ted
Enhancing Personal Impact and Presence in the Virtual World
Maintaining High-Quality Connections when Leading Virtual Teams
Managing the Group Dynamics of Virtual Meetings
The Power of Why—How great leaders inspire everyone to take action
Inclusive Leadership

Negotiation skills:
Negotiating with Influence

Not sure of the name of our 1 day masterclasses or need advice, then get in touch.

Our Events & Workshops are part of your @WIGuk membership and do not form part of the Government Campus/CSL L&D Framework. Continue to sign up for them through the @WIGuk website as normal.

Our Organisational Raids do not form part of the Government Campus/CSL L&D Framework. You can continue to purchase them directly as normal.

Internal sign-off

To get budgetary sign-off when you purchase a programme, you’ll need to follow your organisation’s own processes. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

For public sector participants outside of Civil Service Learning

If your public sector organisation has not signed up to Civil Service Learning, you pay The Whitehall & Industry Group directly.  Do raise a PO order and email it to [email protected] if you did not provide a PO number with your application form.